So Many New Babies!

So Many New Babies!

So many new babies are around me!

I have been having fun personalizing baby items over the last few weeks for so many new babies! I may be done having babies but some of my friends are just beginning their families. One thing that never failed as a baby gift was the abundance of blankets that we received when the girls were born. You don’t think that you really need as many as you end up with until you end up needing them! My girls still love to snuggle up with their blankets to watch movies when we get a free day.  Check out this adorable blanket that I got to stitch for a beautiful baby girl! This blanket was a soft minky one side and a warm sherpa on the other.

Check out this Magnolia Cable Knit and Sherpa Baby Blanket by effe bebe on Amazon. It is sure to keep your brand new bundle of joy warm no matter what the weather will be!

Need a gift idea for an older sibling of the baby? Check out our collection of finger puppets here. Finger puppets are great for quiet play and helps to foster the imagination!

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