Fabric Face Masks Have Arrived

Fabric Face Masks Have Arrived
Colorful Pups Fabric Face Mask

With the current world pandemic, I got to thinking about ways that I could help but utilize my skills with embroidery. How best could I do that? By making fabric face masks now that the area that I live in highly recommends wearing one when out and about and we cannot follow social distancing guidelines.

So off I went to search through my tubs of fabric to see what I could find. I’ve lost count of how many masks I have made to date but I’ll keep making them until they are no longer needed. These fabric masks are not medical grade but they will help to keep others safe when you cannot maintain the recommended 6 foot distance from others.

With it being allergy season, some days I feel like I’m dying! The sneezing and coughing drives me crazy! These fabric face masks helps to reduce the amount of pollen that I breath in while I’m outside working in the yard. They also come in hand while working on projects around the house that result in dust flying everywhere.

Our fabric face masks are reusable. When you’re done wearing them, toss them in the laundry for a fresh mask. Each mask features a filter pocket on the backside of the mask. Filters are not included. The elastic that is included is a soft elastic that will hold up to every day wear while staying soft enough for long term wear.

To see more of our fabric face masks, please visit here.

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