Pinkie Pony Puzzle


Pinkie Pony Puzzle


Pinkie Pony Puzzle! These puzzles are perfect for traveling in the car, on a plane or in a waiting room! Fits easily in a purse or diaper bag! Each finished puzzle comes with a play board with a guide for putting the puzzle together. Terrific for younger children! Each puzzle is machine embroidered.

The slightly under 5″x7″ board is sturdy but flexible, and features a small pocket on the back to keep all your pieces safe when not in use. Each puzzle is made with Eco felt sandwiching tear-away stabilizer. Boards are made with Eco felt, stabilizer, craft foam and an additional piece of Eco felt for the back pocket.

Colors can vary slightly from the picture, as the dye process for felt isn’t as exact as for fabric and each bolt is slightly different in color. The case can be nearly any color. If you would like to see color examples I would be happy to show them too you in a convo!

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This Pinkie Pony Puzzle was designed by Dejah Vue Designs (

Game includes small pieces, may not be suitable for small children.

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Weight 0.02 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1 in


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